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Observatoire des sédiments du Rhône   Go to the database lien externe


Geographic database of the Observatory of Sediments of the Rhone (OSR). The spatial extent of the database is across the Rhone corridor, from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean. Objects in the database are contextual elements (land use, topography) and research results produced in the framework of the OSR.

Responsable(s) : Dad ROUX-MICHOLLET

unité(s) : UMR5600

Partenaire(s) : ENTPE , IFREMER , IRSN , Irstea (ex- Cemagref) , ZA Zones Ateliers

OHM-BMP   Go to the database lien externe

Languedoc-Roussillon , Provence-Alpe-Côte-d’Azur , France , Europe , ArcGis

The “Observatoire Hommes-Milieux”, OHM, (Human-Environment Observatory) of "Bassin minier de Provence", BMP, (Provence Coal Basin) has been established by the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) as a project dedicated to studying Human-Nature relationships and interactions. It is placed under the authority of the Institute for Ecology and Environment, INEE.

Responsable(s) : Samuel ROBERT

unité(s) : FR3098

Partenaire(s) : OHM Observatoires Hommes-Milieux


Ecology , Poitou-Charente , France , Microsoft Access , ArcGis

The land and agricultural plots are collected each year since 1994 on 19,000 agricultural parcels of ZAPVS and entered on a Temporal GIS.

Responsable(s) : Vincent BRETAGNOLLE , Sylvie HOUTE

unité(s) : UPR1934

Partenaire(s) : ZA Zones Ateliers


Botany , Ecology , Provence-Alpe-Côte-d’Azur , Rhône-Alpes , France , Europe , PostgreSQL

Database of functional traits of alpine flora and the data storage ecosystem

Responsable(s) : Marie-Pascale COLACE

unité(s) : UMR5553 , UMS3370 (ex UMS2925)

Partenaire(s) : CBNA , Parc national des Ecrins , ZA Zones Ateliers

metadata_zaa   Go to the database lien externe

Botany , Climatology , Ecology , France , Europe

Resp. LAVOREL Sandra

Metadata for all of the data climate - vegetation - Ecosystems owned by the member of the Alpine Zone Atelier.

Responsable(s) : Sandra LAVOREL

unité(s) : UMR5553

Partenaire(s) : Irstea (ex- Cemagref) , Parc national des Ecrins , Parc Naturel Régional du Vercors , ZA Zones Ateliers