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Chemistry , Ecology , MySQL

Database of biological, chemical, analytical and bibliographic data for chemical ecology

Responsable(s) : Nicolas BARTHES , Claude GRISON

unité(s) : GDR2827

InPACT Environmental microbiology proteomic database   Go to the database lien externe

Biology , Ecophysiology , Proteomics , Genomics , MySQL

InPACT is a proteomic database dedicated to environmental microbiology (organisms and communities)

Responsable(s) : Philippe BERTIN

unité(s) : UMR7156 (InSB)

Partenaire(s) : CNRS

The Penguiness Book   Go to the database lien externe

marine mammal , bird , reptilia , Biology , Ecology , Ecophysiology , Zoology , Africa , Asia , Europe , Oceania , North America , South America , Antarctique , MySQL

This webpage is a scientific database where you will find official records of dive depth and duration for most diving species of vertebrates. Such information is compiled here, using references from scientific articles from peer-reviewed journals, ensuring that these values are the most reliable and current estimates.

Responsable(s) : Yan ROPERT COUDERT

unité(s) : UMR7178 (IN2P3)